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Since 1986, Loaves and Fishes ministry has provided hot meals and perishable food items to those who are in need of assistance in Coleman County. The mission of this ministry is to serve those who do not qualify for other assistance, yet whose income is insufficient to provide food for their families. We provide this service with Christian love and support to feed the hungry and the poor.

The Food Pantry

Open 9:00-11:00 am, first and third Monday of each month

Our food pantry serves over 200 local families in need, offering a variety of essential, non-perishable grocery items. Every second Monday of the month, food items are delivered to over 40 local homes in order to serve those who are unable to leave their residence to visit the pantry.

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The Meal Kitchen

Open 11:00 am-12:30 pm, every Tuesday and Thursday

Twice a week Loaves and Fishes opens its doors to serve hot meals out of our kitchen. Visitors are given the option to dine in our cafeteria, or take their meal to go. We also deliver meals to over 40 homes where the individual is unable to leave their residence. Overall, our meal kitchen serves over 500 hot meals each month to assist those in need.

CFM-Serving-Station CFM-Dining-Room

Each client is required to fill out an application with Loaves and Fishes before receiving any assistance. They must show good reason for requesting assistance with groceries. Once an applicant is qualified, the application is good for two (2) years, unless the applicant’s status changes before that time. The applicant must re-apply in two (2) years to continue receiving assistance. No one is denied food the first time they apply. This is especially true for emergencies such as those displaced from their homes, etc.