Our mission is to use our God given gardening talents to provide fresh organically grown produce to our community and to Loaves and Fishes Pantry and
Hot Meal Program. 

Community Garden

The existing property next to Christian Family Ministries of Coleman County facility is the site for the new community garden. The Graham and Jean Bevel Community Garden was started in the spring of 2015, and is growing daily! This project is made possible by the combined support of Christian Family Ministries, Coleman Ministerial Network, CTO, Coleman County Foundation, Coleman Community Coalition, Central Texas Opportunities, Jerry & Lonna Bevel, Greg & Wendy Bevel, Mike & Mary Bevel, Shane & Frances Bevel, Deborah & Ernie Yates, and various civic organizations. Thank you to everyone in the community who has volunteered their time and talents to construct the garden. We would also like to thank you for your continued support and prayers.

If anyone would like to lease a garden bed, we are now accepting applications. This may be done at Christian Family Ministries, 519 W. Pecan, on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Vicki Cook, CFM Director, will take applications until all the beds are leased for the year. Beds are $50 per calendar year, limit of two beds per individual or group. There are 4 beds available for handicapped gardeners in wheelchairs or other condition that doesn’t allow them to garden in a standard bed. The annual lease fee of $50 is due and payable with the application.

The community garden project provides community outreach, education, fresh produce, and positive social impact for all the citizens of Coleman County. Residents from all walks of life can come together to plant, grow, and harvest fresh nutritious produce of which a portion will be given to Christian Family Ministries to help sustain its Hot Meals and Food Pantry Programs. This project will enhance the gardener’s knowledge of horticulture and provide educational opportunities for CISD students. There is a dedicated garden bed available for the students to plant and grow their own crops. There are also beds designed for handicap access to allow them to enjoy the fresh air and rewarding garden work.

The highlighted features of our garden are:
1. A total of 40 raised beds with nutrient filled top soil
2. Four of the raised beds will have handicap access
3. One bed will be dedicated to the CISD
4. Three beds will be dedicated to CFM
5. One greenhouse bed
6. 6,000 gallon rainwater irrigation system
7. Drip irrigation system in every bed, fed by rainwater or city water
8. Compost area
9. A grapevine covered perimeter fence
10. A beautiful vine covered arbor in the center of the garden for shade and relaxation
11. Two wheel wheelbarrows and some garden tools
12. City water outlet for wash up and irrigation when no rainwater is available
13. Secure storage shed
14. Produce scales and production log
15. Wood chip mulch for the garden paths
16. $50 annual rental fee for each bed to cover watering costs
17. Organic gardening principals will be followed

The Community Garden is an exciting addition to our community. I hope that you will join in the excitement and follow its progress throughout the season!