Serving Hungry Children in Coleman County

Christian Family Ministries has partnered with the Coleman Ministerial Network and the Food Bank of West Central Texas to meet the needs of local children. Chronic hunger is consistently linked to poor performance and poor behavior in school, and while the schools are able to offer support through lunch programs, many children go hungry at home. Backpacks for Kids provides nutritious, non-perishable food items for needy children to take home on Fridays, so that they can continue to be fed over the weekend.

A survey conducted by the CISD indicates that as many as 100 local children qualify for this program. For only $18 you can feed a child for a month, and $162 feeds a child for the entire school year. Please consider making a monthly pledge for the year, as it allows us to offer reliable assistance to the children. Your donation will better the life of a local child, and give them a better shot at a bright future.

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