Mobile Food Pantry

Our mission is to bridge the gap between hunger and abundance by quickly moving fresh, perishable and other frozen grocery products to those in need.


How Mobile Food Pantries reduce hunger, food waste and costs in our region
The Food Bank reclaims surplus food from growers, manufacturers, truckers, and stores. Most of those goods are regularly shipped to more than 150 food pantries, soup kitchens and other hunger-relief agencies in our 13-county service area.
But, as needed, more food goes directly to hungry families via our Mobile Pantries – a quick, easy, inexpensive way to help meet our region’s fast growing need.

How we roll.
The Food Bank of West Central Texas drives the truck where the food is needed.
At a pre-arranged site, a host agency – such as a local church or service organization – distributes the goods directly from the truck.
Local folks who need food gather at the site, notified by the local agency. The agency makes a measurable impact on community hunger – without having to transport or store any products.

What we bring.
Each load includes 5,000 to 10,000 pounds of groceries, typically including fruit, vegetables, dairy products and baked goods, plus non-perishable staples we have on hand.
That’s about four days’ supplemental groceries for 100 to 200 families. It’s always a varied assortment, and made up of seasonal produce and other high-quality groceries we have on hand.
When the truck arrives, host agency volunteers set up tables and load them with product. Clients walk around just as they would at a farmer’s market, selecting the goods they can use.
Our goal is for every family in need to walk away with about 30 pounds of groceries their household will use. This ensures that very little, if any, of the product will go to waste.

CFM of Coleman County is now a host site for The Mobile Food Pantry. The Food Bank of West Central Texas Truck delivers fresh, perishable and other frozen grocery products once per month on the last Wednesday of the month.  Food can be picked up between 10:00 a.m. – noon.  This is still a new program, and dates and times are subject to change.